About DAS International's Overseas Training

DAS International Services Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS). Drawing from the extensive experience, competence, and expertise that DAS has amassed in delivering top-tier specialist services over the past three decades, DAI is uniquely positioned to expand these services and more, both within Singapore and throughout the wider region.

We are excited to announce DAS International's commitment to providing comprehensive training to educators in various regions, leveraging the wealth of knowledge and experience found within the DAS Academy, the training arm of DAS. DAI's primary objective is to equip educators with the tools and insights needed to effectively support students with learning differences through tailored professional training programmes.

Some of our popular topics that educators are interested in:


Mode of training:

Face-to-face at your training venue

We are pleased to offer face-to-face professional development training sessions at your stipulated training venue. We understand that in-person learning can provide a unique and immersive educational experience. That's why we are committed to delivering high-quality training programs that enhance your skills and knowledge.


With advancements in technology, our training methods have evolved, making it more convenient to connect with educators through online platforms. Our commitment to modern, accessible training ensures that the quality of learning and teaching is not compromised.

Promoting Our Global Reach

DAS International's Successful Overseas Training in Jakarta

DAS International recently organised overseas training sessions for the Al-Irsyad Satya Islamic School and the Global Sevilla School in Jakarta. These sessions featured DAS Academy's expert trainers, Rebecca Shalinah and Siti Asjamiah, who conducted a highly engaging "Supporting Learners with Dyslexia" workshop. The workshop, delivered online over six hours, received an enthusiastic response, with 40 participants in attendance, all of whom were educators.

Testimonials from our participants

I don't know anything about Dyslexia before this training. Now I have many tools to help me, in case we have one in our class. The methods and tips are useful not only for Dyslexic students but for all students in general.
Thank you for the sessions today. Looking forward to joining more training from DAS.
I learned many strategies that can be used to help those in the classroom who have not been officially diagnosed with dyslexia. The information on this course is invaluable, especially for lower-level teachers.
Strategies for teaching kids with Learning disabilities were also covered and all the new learnings are helpful and relevant
Good materials
I'm very grateful to join this training

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