DAS International Services Ltd is a subsidiary of Dyslexia Association of Singapore
and provides services for clients outside of Singapore.
Online Specialist Tutoring
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Students are already benefitting from this service while at home in Bangladesh, SriLanka and Hong Kong.

Currently delivered by: Mr Mohamed Samunn, Specialist Tutor & Senior Educational Therapist, DAS International.

We reach the students wherever the internet can reach them. Our online lessons at DAS International, uses an online real-time synchronised teaching technology that combines teacher-led tutoring and student-paced hands-on multi-sensory activities and assessments. These lessons are one-on-one, easy to follow, and an affordable way of receiving online educational therapy, curriculum and behaviour support from the best specialist tutors in the industry.

Currently, we have two online students from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. They are 11 and 14 years respectively and attend international schools. Their Specialist teacher Mr Samunn meets with them at least twice a week online for educational therapy, curriculum support in Math and English, and behaviour support. He has had a total of 60 hours of online intervention with these two boys during the past 10 months. These online specialist tutoring sessions empower his students to learn differently and help them understand how to learn and how to use their strengths to overcome their learning and social challenges while following a mainstream curriculum in their respective schools.



How does ST Online works

An overseas client flies in to Singapore for a comprehensive psychological assessment to identify his/her learning differences conducted by our assessment team of registered psychologists at the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS), or a client walks in to DAS International with a comprehensive psychological assessment done elsewhere and approaches us for intervention. Based on the evaluations and recommendations of the psychological assessment, a client starts an intensive face-to-face intervention program of at least 10 hours with an Educational Therapist (EdT) in Singapore before the commencement of the online intervention. This initial face-to-face session helps establish a good work relationship between the EdT and client. Once the client is in his/her home country the online specialist tutoring services will be offered at least once a week.

Our Pedagogy Focus
We at DAI believe in changing the design of the learning environment rather than changing the learner. Therefore, our personalized learning plans (PLPs) are based on the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework where meaningful learning experiences are intentionally designed and delivered to reduce barriers so that we can see a learner in every child.

Assistive Technology Focus

We work in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment. Therefore, our technology infused lessons are carefully designed to be delivered via any platform and they are made sure to capture the interest of our students where they can have meaningful engagement with the content. Eventually, our lessons will help the kids establish real-world connections with or without technology support where learning extends outside the online classroom.

In summary, we work on the following simple formula:

Task demands + Learning Goals + Delivery model (technology) = Personal Learning Experience


We work in an environment where we face a mix of hardware, software, curriculum and social challenges. Moreover, integrating technology in a meaningful and measurable way into lessons is also considered a challenge. As a specialist tutor, making a social presence for the SpLD students who are connected online is the great challenge. And this online social presence that we aim to maintain with the kids has a direct impact on their perceptions of learning and satisfaction, another aspect to be explored in the future. 

In conclusion, we are confident that our personalized learning experience delivered online to the kids will certainly make a difference to them as they have no access to specialist tutoring in their own environments. At the end of the day, we strongly believe that the instructional choices that that are constructed exclusively for each kid will make the difference rather than the technology that is used.

Personalised Online Learning Experience: DAI Online Tutoring

Specialist Tutoring Sessions are delivered through an online learning platform bringing intervention into the home

Online lessons are flexible and customised to suit the learners needs.

  • Students are located overseas
  • Geographical barriers restrict student access to structured support programmes

We deliver to the client a package based on the following 5 PLUS + package model:

  • Overseas client comes to Singapore for a psychological assessment
  • Receives Intensive Specialist Tutoring (10 or 20 hours) in Singapore
  • Concurrently Parent may also seek to attend DAS Academy Training Courses whilst child is receiving Specialist tutoring in Singapore
  • Follows up with the Personalised Online Learning Experience (Online ST)
  • Receives periodic Intensive Specialist Tutoring (10 or 20 hours) in Singapore


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