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What can schools do?
Support :: What can schools do?

If a child that you work with has difficulty in learning then it is important that you take action. 


Early detection of learning differences is vital. 


The most important reason to seek help is to ensure the child doesn't experience frustration and failure at school and not understand why they learn differently. 


Early intervention promotes confidence & awareness.


Early intervention ensures that a child with learning differences spends less time "behind" the rest of the kids in the class, less struggle and more self-confidence for the child.


Intervention strategies to support the child with learning will ensure their emotional wellbeing and educational progress. 




We appreciate your help in providing some information about the student and his/her strengths and weaknesses in the classroom and/or inclusion in additional programmes. 

Teachers may download and fill up the Teacher's Questionnaire before submitting it to the child's parents to include in the Parents Referral Form.

Please download and fill up the form below:
1. Teacher's Questionnaire 










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