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Practical Tips for Parents
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Practical tips for Parents

Some practical tips for parents to support your child with learning differences:

  • Learn about your child’s difficulty, acknowledge the challenges and stay positive.
  • Accept your child for who they are and don’t impose your sense of who they should be.
  • Recognise, encourage and develop your child’s abilities and talents, build their self esteem.
  • Help them with their school work and organisation, show interest in what they do, provide resources and support.
  • Involve yourself in the school community, be available to help and show support.
  • Support the school efforts to help your child, communicate effectively and provide feedback.
  • Attend awareness talks or courses on learning differences
  • Be part of a support group to hear what other parents have to say



Protective, organised, calm, relaxed, supportive, imaginative, happy, giving of your time and love, actively reading to and with them, ready to give lots of praise, a good listener.



Judge, be impatient, use sarcasm, overload their time, give up, do what they can do for themselves, stress out, ignore a problem, blame.




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