Speech and Language therapy is offered to children who need support in communication.  This service is available to all preschool to secondary school students and a diagnosis of dyslexia is not required to access these services.

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Therapy is an integral step following an assessment for your child that shows areas of difficulty. The aim of therapy is to help your child overcome difficulties where they face challenges and develop strategies to help them to learn. Therapy sessions are developed and delivered by our team of therapists who are all registered with The Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) which is established by the Allied Health Professions Act 2011 to regulate the allied health professions in Singapore. Your child is in good hands with our therapists.

Speech and Language Therapy is offered in individual or group settings, including social skills. Our speech and language therapists aim to build up the child’s fundamental speech and language skills to support his or her development and learning. Therapy is carried out in a child-friendly, lively and bright environment. Language is aided and enhanced through fun and functional activities.

Most of our students at DAS attend therapy sessions due to the unclear pronunciation of speech and or language difficulties such as understanding others or expressing themselves to others.


Click here to read 'Effectiveness of DAS Speech-Language Therapy: A controlled evaluation' (download pdf)
Lee, E. K., Ho, S. L., Reutens, S., &; Lim, E. (2020). Effectiveness of DAS Speech-Language Therapy: A controlled evaluation. Asia Pacific Journal of Developmental Differences, 7(1), 5-26. doi:10.3850/s2345734120000020