Specialist Teaching is an individualised, one-to-one service that is tailored to meet the needs of students who struggle to learn.
Specialist support is provided based on the profile of the child obtained from our multidisciplinary team of educational psychologists, speech and language therapists and in consultation with parents and educators.
Our Specialist Teachers cover the following subject areas:
  • Literacy
  • Maths
  • Chinese
  • Online Tutoring
  • Preschool Literacy & Numeracy
  • Intensive Specialist Teaching
  • Curriculum support
  • Exam Preparation
     - GCE O Level English
     - IGCSE English 
     - GCE A Level General Paper
     - IB English Language 
  • Curriculum-Based Remediation
  • Dyslexia for Adults & Students in Higher Learning

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Specialist teaching has an individualised problem-solving approach where skills-focused include:
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Oracy
  • Writing Skills
  • Homework Support
  • Individual Curriculum support
  • Organisation and Planning
  • Behaviour and Social support
We provide a total solution to your child's educational needs and tutoring is provided on an individual basis at any of our DAS Learning centres or within your child's school.
DAS International has a team of specialist teachers who have extensive experience in supporting students with specific learning differences and other learning needs. Our specialist teachers are experienced in the International as well as the Ministry of Education (MOE) systems, they have an understanding of the curriculum and the demands that today's education systems place on your child.

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An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is a personalised plans crafted to address the distinctive educational needs of students who learn differently. It functions as a roadmap for educational success, identifying specific learning objectives, instructional approaches, and support services tailored to each individual student. Developed collaboratively by educators, parents, and sometimes the students themselves, an IEP provides a comprehensive framework for addressing academic, social, emotional, and behavioural differences, ensuring that every student has access to the support and resources they need to thrive in the educational setting.

At DAS International, we are deeply committed to providing the highest quality education to every student, recognising and celebrating their unique abilities and learning styles. Our dedicated team of specialist teachers embraces the philosophy of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) as a cornerstone of our approach to personalised learning. We believe that every student has the potential to succeed when provided with the right support and resources tailored to their specific needs. With our collaborative and student-centered approach, we work closely with students, parents, and educators to develop and implement IEPs that empower students to reach their full potential. Our commitment to excellence in education extends beyond academics, encompassing holistic support for each student's social, emotional, and behavioural growth. Together, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and nurturing learning environment where every student can thrive.

Personalised Learning with Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

Tailored Learning Goals: IEPs are customised plans that outline specific learning objectives tailored to your child's unique strengths and challenges.

Guided by Specialist Teachers: Our experienced specialist teachers collaborate with students to identify areas where they need extra support, ensuring that learning goals are achievable and relevant.

Roadmap for Success: Think of an IEP as a personalised roadmap for success. It pinpoints areas where students need assistance, whether it's improving reading comprehension, mastering math skills, or enhancing organiSational skills.

Collaborative Approach: Parents, teachers, and students work together to set and review learning targets, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment in the educational journey.

Adjustable and Responsive: As your child progresses, IEPs are adjusted to reflect their growth and changing needs. This ensures that learning remains engaging, effective, and tailored to their evolving requirements.

Holistic Support: Beyond academics, IEPs may also address social, emotional, and behavioural aspects of learning, providing a comprehensive support system for your child's development.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Regular monitoring and evaluation of progress ensure that your child's IEP remains aligned with their goals and aspirations, facilitating continuous improvement and success.

Empowering Students: With IEPs, students become active participants in their educational journey, building confidence and self-esteem as they achieve their learning targets.



Welcome to 'Spotlight on Specialist Teaching,' a curated collection of informative webinars showcasing the expertise and dedication of our specialist teachers at DAS International.

In these engaging sessions, our experienced educators delve into a variety of topics related to specialist teaching, sharing insights, strategies, and best practices to support students with diverse learning needs. From personalised learning plans to innovative teaching methods, our webinars offer valuable resources for educators, parents, and anyone interested in the field of special education.

Explore our YouTube playlist to access a wealth of knowledge and discover how DAS International is transforming education through specialised support and inclusive practices.