DAS International Specialist Tutoring now provides the popular PREP 2 PSLE Programme through our individualised and customised approach.


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Is the English examination always a nightmare for both you and your child?

It may seem like a daunting task but equipped with the right skills and strategies, doing well is like a dream come true. We want to help your child cope with the demands of the English language examination in school and we do so by equipping them with the necessary knowledge, skills and strategies to succeed. At the same time, we want to shape their attitudes towards the language and help them see that it is possible to pass or even excel in the subject.

The aim of the PREP 2 PSLE Programme is to provide students with direct support to equip them with the knowledge, skills, strategies and attitudes to cope with the demands of the English language syllabus in school.

Our Approach

The programme provides an extension to what students have been taught in the Main Literacy Programme (MLP) or Specialist Tutoring and helps to put the skills learned into practical use in their examinations. In class, students will be exposed to various language components and related strategies in order to cope with their language needs in their English examinations.

Components covered in a typical lesson

PREP2PSLE components of lessons
• Grammar
• Editing
• Synthesis & Transformation
• Comprehension
• Annotation Skills

The curriculum has been carefully designed and frequently evaluated by our team to ensure its suitability to our students. Lessons are in line with the MOE English Language Syllabus and reference the Orton-Gillingham principles.

Recommended for students with difficulties in various English exam components such as Synthesis and Transformation, and Comprehension.


Entry Criteria

Application is open only to students who struggle to learn and/or are diagnosed with a Specific Learning Difference such as Dyslexia

• are in Primary 3 and 4
• are in Primary 5 and 6 Standard or Foundation streams