Online Specialist Tutoring FAQ

If a lesson is unable to be conducted due to technical difficulties and cannot be resolved immediately, we will reschedule the lesson. However, we are not able to make refunds for technical issues beyond our control.

Your child can instantly upload photos of their homework or questions onto a shared folder which the specialist tutor will provide in advance and the lessons will be prepared based on these materials. 

Yes, we aim to provide the same tutor for the long term so as to provide consistency and building a rapport with your child.

Our specialist tutors are available on weekdays and weekends 10 am to 8 pm, subject to availability.

Yes, our specialist teachers are qualified and trained to support students with Specific Learning Differences and are also subject-based experts.

We recommend that you have a working laptop or tablet with a stable Wi-Fi connection. We would also recommend using a headset with a mic for better audio quality and privacy.

We provide lessons to you on demand. You may choose your lesson frequency and lesson duration. However,  we recommend that your child has at least one hour lesson a week.

The lessons are flexible and you may choose your lesson duration from 1 to to 2 hours.

Yes, we will provide a 1-hour free trial class for your child whereby the specialist tutor will share how the lessons are conducted and the platform that will be used.

Yes, students can attend both if they wish to reinforce their learning. The payment, however, varies for both the Online and Onsite.


For more info, please email


No, online tutoring is available to your child which gives them access to specialist support from home. This saves you time and you may not find that other providers can give you this sort of service with the specialist support that your child really needs.

At DAS International, we support students with a confirmed diagnosis of a Specific Learning Difference such as Dyslexia, ADHD, Dysgraphia, Maths difficulties etc. Our registered educational psychologists conduct comprehensive psychological assessments for both International and Singaporean residents prior to commencing the Online or Onsite Specialist tutoring. Once completed the final assessment report is shared with the Specialist teacher who will then through an Individual Education Plan (IEP) customize focusing on each student’s weaknesses and gaps in knowledge if any.

An IEP is the Education Plan which the Specialist teacher customises for your child. This is used to define clear SMART targets for the duration of the support given at DAS International with the student. The targets and objectives given will have both long term and short term for your child should be:

  • Specific
  • Manageable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

The IEP is shared with parents with input from them, after the 2nd session so that there is a clear understanding of the expectation and the targets that are in place for the duration of the block.

Your child’s specialist teacher will be selected based on the profile of your child and subject requirements.

You will first need to complete an online application form

We aim to provide the best specialist tutor for your child that is why we require your child’s psychological report and school reports. Once completed and based on your requirements, the assigned specialist teacher will contact you.

Yes, we connect to the students wherever the internet can reach them.

DAS International Online Specialist tutoring is a live online tutoring platform that provides personalised and customised lessons to students aged 8-18.