To cope with the growing needs of students with specific learning difficulties, we have made it a priority to grow in expertise by constantly developing our professional standing in the field of Specific Learning Differences (SpLD). 

DAS International will provide high-quality psychological assessment services to students with learning differences and aims to serve both the International School community and Ministry of Educational (MOE) schools by providing personalised concierge assessment services.


  • Gold standard in psychological assessment reports that are recognized worldwide and delivered by our experienced registered psychologists.
  • Personalised experience as the client is closely guided by our psychologist in completing the application through obtaining information, understanding concerns and providing a preliminary recommendation.
  • Time-sensitive with assessment reports being completed within 6 weeks* from receiving the application as we understand every assessment is a priority. 

* Duration is dependent on the gathering of all necessary information.

DAS INTERNATIONAL Assessment Services
 offer a range of psycho-educational assessments that may help to address your concerns with regard to education, attention and social skills. The difficulties that may be investigated include:



Fees for one area of assessment can range from $1701 to $2268 (including GST), and additional fees will be applicable for assessments that evaluate more than one assessment area. 

Description  After 1 Jan 2023
Full assessments (i.e. cognitive and academic skill assessment in 1 area) From $2,268
Full assessments in a combination of areas (i.e. cognitive and academic skill assessment in more than 1 area) From $4,428
Partial assessments (typically done during reviews, for those who have a prior diagnosis of a learning difficulty) From $1,701
Partial assessments for a combination of areas (typically done during reviews, for those who have prior diagnoses of learning difficulties) From $3,321
Initial Consultation Fee $270 (per hour)

With effect from 1 Jan 2023, fees shown are inclusive of GST at 8%.

DAS Psychologists can provide psycho-educational assessments for students (Primary to Tertiary) as well as school-readiness assessments for preschoolers. 

Contact us with your concerns and we will work with your to support you and your child.  

We look forward to supporting students with Specific Learning Differences to achieve their potential through DAS International Assessment Services.

Anaberta Oehlers-Jaen
Head of DAS International



What assessment materials and techniques does DAS International use?

Assessment can be about answering specific questions about a child’s educational development

  • Is he dyslexic?
  • Is his inattention appropriate for his age?
  • What can we do to help her pass her Maths exam?

Or about more general questions

  • Is she doing as well as we can expect?
  • What sort of school might be best at the secondary stage?
  • How should his education be supplemented to overcome his difficulties?


That’s why we always ask what the purpose(s) of the request for assessment is/are.

We provide assessment services to answer these different questions, starting with what has been done up to the present. Specifically, so we would like to know about previous assessments and interventions (e.g. speech and language therapy or occupational therapy), in as much detail as possible. We also need parents’ views and observations, and we prefer parents to ask the child’s teacher(s) for opinions and observations on how the child performs in school.

We look carefully at what parents send us and formulate an assessment plan, suggesting what we consider to be the best ways to answer the questions. We can discuss this via video conferencing, or we can invite parents (and sometimes the child) to an initial consultation to discuss what might be done.   


DAS International provides assessments and other services outside of Singapore. 

Find more information about Overseas Assessments HERE

If you are interested in our assessment services, please contact us at enquiry@dasint.org.sg