21 July 2021


COVID-19 ADVISORY – Specialist Teaching to continue in-person


Dear Parents,

Further to the email you have received from our CEO Mr Lee Siang, informing that DAS will switch to online classes for most of our programmes from tomorrow Thursday 22nd July until the end of the current Phase 2 Heightened Alert on Wednesday 18 August. I would like to update you that DAS International Specialist Tutoring one to one will continue to provide in-person classes during this period.

I would like to highlight the following:

It is important to us that your child's learning and improvement is not disrupted during this period and that your child continues to learn effectively. Given the concerns that some parents may have with logistics, we are therefore pleased to continue to give parents the option for your child to either receive in-person classes or receive Online specialist tutoring during the Return to Phase 2 - Heightened Alert commencing 22nd July.

Our successful Online Specialist Tutoring which we had conducted during the recent Phase 2 - Heightened Alert in May and last year, received very positive feedback from both the parents and the students, with many parents still choose to continue with the lessons online.  One of the advantages is that parents can observe the class being conducted.

Your child's Specialist Teacher is here to consult with you before any confirmation of Online tutoring or continuation of face-to-face classes takes place during this period. Once confirmed, your child's classes will go on as per normal at the stipulated class timing delivered online.


Fees for Specialist Tutoring received face-to-face is different from online as mentioned in my previous email dated 25 June. We will provide you with a credit note for the difference between the fees for the face-to-face lessons and fees for the online tutoring lessons conducted.  The credit note can then be used to offset future packages or be refunded to you if your child does not continue with specialist tutoring after finishing your current specialist tutoring package. 

All parents do remind your children to continue to be vigilant and wear their masks and face shields, continue with daily temperature-taking, and wash their hands frequently.  DAS centres will continue to have regular cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces daily.

Your child’s learning remains important to us and once again, we will work together to ensure that our students receive the educational support that they need. I would like to express my appreciation to all parents for your immense support of your children and for not letting this virus stop our children from learning!

Thank you for entrusting your child to DAS International Specialist Tutoring. 

Stay safe and stay healthy!


Anaberta Oehlers-Jaen
Head, DAS International

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