COVID-19 ADVISORY – Specialist Teaching


Dear Parents,

Further to the email you have received from our CEO Mr Lee Siang, which details DAS phased approach in our return to in-person classes for the various DAS programmes, following MOE's lead. In line with MOE guidelines published on the 14 June, I am pleased to update that DAS International Specialist tutoring has commenced face to face classes from Monday 21 June. It was heartening, however, to see that most of you chose for your child to continue to receive Online specialist tutoring during the Phase 2 - Heightened Alert.

I thank you for the confidence you have placed with your child's specialist teacher in seeing that your child learns effectively through online learning without interruption to their learning. Your child's Specialist teacher is here to consult with you on the decision for your child's return to face-to-face classes or continued online classes. Either way we want to reassure you of our commitment in supporting your child.


Fees for Specialist Tutoring received face-to-face is different from online as mentioned in my previous advice dated 15 May. We will provide you with a credit note for the difference between the fees for the face-to-face lessons and fees for the online tutoring lessons conducted. The credit note can then be used to offset future packages or refunded to you if your child does not continue with specialist tutoring after finishing your current specialist tutoring package.

Front counters at DAS Learning Centres and DAS Academy will be manned as per our regular opening hours from 21 June. However, to limit the number of people at our front counters, parents should make an appointment if you wish to engage our front counter staff.

While the situation has improved with the ending of Phase 2 Heightened Alert, all parents do remind your children to continue to be vigilant and wear their masks and face shields, continue with daily temperature-taking, and wash your hands frequently. DAS centres will continue to have regular cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces daily. With the above and national level "defences" in place, our government too is confident we should not have another circuit breaker-type situation.


Having said the above, we recognize that things will be complex as there may continue to be quarantine, stay home notice, school closure cases and students who must stay at home because of Acute Respiratory Infection symptoms. If this happens, do consult your DAS Learning Centre if your child can continue attending classes virtually so as not to miss out on learning. Your child’s learning remains important to us and once again, we will work together to ensure that our students receive the educational support that they need.

Thank you for entrusting your child to DAS International Specialist tutoring.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Yours sincerely,

Anaberta Oehlers-Jaen
Head, DAS International

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