HB Phonological Awareness

Help students improve their phonological awareness and auditory processing skills. This helps to expand their awareness of phonemes, syllables and words.

They will form a band and earn instruments as they progress on to the next levels. The different levels of difficulty make sure that you know tasks at every level well before you can move on to the next level.

The different levels target 9 levels such as sentence segmentation, syllable blending, syllable segmentation, rhyming, phoneme addition, phoneme blending, phoneme deletion, phoneme manipulation, phoneme segmentation & Identification.

What’s Changed?

Need to develop your child’s phonemic awareness? The app is designed to develop to increase phonemic awareness which is a skill needed to read and helps to progress on with practice.

It targets to develop with vowel sounds and consonant blends by practising to listen to two random words(non-words) and get your child to select the word that has changed(between the two).

It helps to develop segmentation and blending skills. This is important when you master to read as you are able to recognise a word in a whole.

In this game, they will be able to :

  •           select the sound that has changed
  •           replacing a letter for the sound that has changed
  •           selecting the letter sound that has been omitted or added
  •           Swapping letters for sounds that have been swapped


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Soofrina Mubarak, Senior Educational Therapist, EdTech Coordinator, English Language and Literacy Division 
Kalphna C, Educational Therapist
Nur Syahirah Jasni, Educational Therapist