Reading an article and you come across a word that you’re not familiar with - but you also do not want to leave the article and activate the dictionary app to look up it’s meaning? With iOS 11 on your iPad or iPhone, you can now look up meaning of a word with the built-in dictionary feature!

While this feature is useful for almost anyone, learners who are developing their literacy will find this especially useful, since it is now easier to make sense of the article without having to toggle between two or more apps to look up meanings.

Looking for a meaning of a word and need it fast?

Simply do the following:

  • Swipe right on your lock screen or home screen to invoke the search screen
  • Type the word that you are looking for in the search field or you can say the word out loud when you tap the microphone symbol
  • Click on the meaning to see an extended view of the word

Word Hippo

It is a one-stop app that acts as both Thesaurus and word reference. You can use this app to find a synonym, antonyms, related word types, matching words, example sentences and also translation.

 Day 5 Dictionary Assistance

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Soofrina Mubarak, Senior Educational Therapist, EdTech Coordinator, English Language and Literacy Division 
Kalphna C, Educational Therapist
Nur Syahirah Jasni, Educational Therapist