Is your child facing challenges in their academic journey?

Are they experiencing difficulties retaining taught material or lacking motivation to study?

These could be indicative signs of dyslexia or specific learning differences.

DAS International is dedicated to enhancing public awareness and understanding of learning differences, particularly dyslexia, through informative talks tailored for educators, parents, medical practitioners, and the general public. Our free Awareness Talks serve as a platform to inspire our audience with a deeper comprehension of dyslexia, equipping them with the skills to identify students struggling in their learning journey.

Moreover, DAS International offers customisable Awareness Talks designed to meet the unique requirements of schools. These sessions can be tailored to address specific concerns or focus areas outlined by the school, ensuring that the content aligns perfectly with their needs. These talks aim to provide valuable insights into supporting students' academic demands and bolstering their self-esteem. Featuring updated information, visuals, and engaging activities, our customised Awareness Talks offer an enlightening and tailored experience for each school.

Each talk typically spans 1 to 1.5 hours.

Contact us to arrange a talk: