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Celebrating Left-handedness


This article was written for INTERNATIONAL LEFT-HANDERS DAY 

13 AUGUST 2017

Do you know that 13 August is the International Left-hander’s Day? I am certain that most people, left-handers included, do not know of this special day to celebrate all things left-handed. Recently, the DAS launched the book “Clearly Different: Dyscovering the Differences” as we celebrate the gifts of dyslexia and embrace the strengths that is bestowed upon learners with dyslexia. So how about the ‘gift’ of left-handedness?


This is a right-hander’s world, no matter how you look at it. Everything is made for the convenience of the majority of the population, who are right-handers.  The English script orientation is from the left to the right. This results in smudging by left-handed writers, and the smudge will often stain the vicinity around their left pinkie fingers.


Being a left-hander myself, I have always felt strongly about a need for greater awareness of the learning issues surrounding left-handedness. It is often not realised that as left-handers write, the written words are blocked by their left-hand, which impedes the writing process. A trained occupational therapist may suggest for the left-handed child to tilt the writing paper 30 degrees to the right so that the child’s writing will not be blocked. The pinky finger will also not smudge the writing as it is below it instead of behind it when written in the usual manner.


Have you seen a left-handed ruler before?



There are many world leaders who are left-handed. They include the previous President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, and our very own Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Does thinking differently, makes one have a unique way of handling difficult situations? Something for us to ponder about.


Anyway, visit lefthandersday.com if this article has piqued your interest in relation to matters related to left-handedness. You can also visit the following website that feature an article I wrote to the Today newspaper that touches on the issue of left-handedness and dyslexia. Happy reading.





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