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Our strategy 

DAS International's strategy in the coming years will be to provide a comprehensive and holistic range of individual services to clients of all ages with Dyslexia and Specific Learning Differences and those individuals who struggle to learn. The services will include established DAS assessment and educational programmes provided through the Specialist Teaching service via Onsite and online platforms in Singapore and the region. DAS International will also provide parent and teacher training services to the region.

DAS International aims to be the leading one-stop, individual educational service provider empowering individuals with Dyslexia and Specific Learning Differences to achieve their full potential. As a trusted and credible institution, DAS International's services to our clients are delivered through highly experienced and qualified staff. We support students with learning differences and those who struggle to learn to close the gap in their learning. We can provide individualised programmes to empower successful learning for students from preschool to young adulthood. We, therefore, ensure that the level of service provided to individuals and schools in the region is of the highest standard using up-to-date and evidence-based resources.

DAS International will continue to provide one-to-one Specialist support for students with learning challenges through a customised one-to-one programme to effectively support the development of each child. We continue to expand its line-up of one-to-one support to include:

  • Speech and Language Therapy
    Focusing primarily on oral/spoken language and working on improving children’s listening, understanding, language and communication issues, speaking, as well as social skills, all of which are critical components in the development of speech and language in children. DAS International Speech and Language therapy is determined by the student’s individual needs and is skills-based in nature.

  • Curriculum Support
    The highlight of this programme is that it provides a strong link between the curriculum and remediation, all the while keeping in mind the child’s learning differences.

  • Maths
    Helping students to enjoy and appreciate maths to bridge any gaps they may have in the maths curriculum and improve their understanding of maths concepts.

  • Chinese Specialist Teaching 
    Catered to individual needs in learning Chinese, an individualised plan is carefully crafted to help students overcome their challenges in learning the language.

  • Exam Preparation
    Supporting students to undertake their exams, helping them to prepare and study for their subjects as well as supporting them in the use of their exam accommodations in preparation for the exam.  Supporting students from PSLE to University, our Specialist Tutors are able to adapt to any age and exam demands.

  • Intensive Specialist Teaching
    A short-term intensive block programme aimed at closing the gap in learning. 

  • Adult Support
    To increasingly support Adults with SpLDs such as Dyslexia through our individual programme. In our interaction with adults, we have found there were generally two major categories of clients who sought the service: Tertiary students and Working adults. To guide them to reach their potential which may be undermined by their SpLD.

  • Concierge Assessment Services
    DAS INTERNATIONAL ONE-STOP Assessment Centre delivered by experienced Registered Educational Psychologists providing the gold standard recognised assessment:


    * A gold standard in psychological assessment reports that are recognised worldwide and delivered by our experienced registered psychologists.
    * Personalised experience as the client is closely guided by our psychologist in completing the application through obtaining information, understanding concerns and providing a  preliminary recommendation.
    * Time-sensitive with assessment reports being completed within 3 to 6 weeks* from receiving the application as we understand every assessment is a priority.
    * The Concierge Assessment Services is provided by DAS International as a separate service from SpLD Assessment Services provided by DAS.


73 Bukit Timah Road, #05-01, REX House, Singapore 229832

Hotline:   6643 9600 (9:00 to 5:30pm - Mon to Fri)
Email:     enquiry@dasint.org.sg


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Specialist Teachers: 16
Speech & Language Therapists: 3


Total Enrolment: 80 (as at Term 4 2021)


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