DAS International Services Ltd is a subsidiary of Dyslexia Association of Singapore
and provides services for clients outside of Singapore.
Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission



To provide professional services to help and/or enable help to be provided for people in Singapore and the region who have specific learning differences so that they can achieve.



To engage in activities relating to accredited academic, professional and vocational training programmes to equip educational bodies, organisations, professionals and individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills as well as assessments, teaching, therapy and consultancy work.

Our Aims


To put quality first in delivering a comprehensive and effective professional service for people with specific learning differences.


To provide an assessment service for individuals at risk of having specific learning differences, psychological, behavioural and developmental issues.


To provide educational programs and other individual support services for individuals with specific learning differences.


To motivate the young mind to develop a love of learning to become happy, successful and independent learners.



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