DAS International Services Ltd is a subsidiary of Dyslexia Association of Singapore
and provides services for clients outside of Singapore.
What is POLE

Personalised Online Learning Experience (POLE)

Specialist Tutoring Sessions are delivered through an online learning platorfm bringing intervention into the home or wherever in the world the student may be.


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Specialist support to students is available wherever internet services are available.  Online lessons are flexible and customised to suit the learners needs.

POLE supports students needs when:

  • Students are located overseas
  • Geographical barriers restrick student access to structured support programmes
  • Specialist Tutoring is easier done at home
  • Studying during school holidays, especially when travelling out of the country
  • Additional tutoring services are required by current students on the Specialist Tutoring programme.

POLE can be delivered as a follow-up service to students who have studied on the Intensive tutoring programme and are returning to their home country

Schedule of lessons are flexible and customised to suit learners needs.




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