DAS International Services Ltd is a subsidiary of Dyslexia Association of Singapore
and provides services for clients outside of Singapore.
Testimonials from our Clients
Specialist Tutoring :: Testimonials from our Clients

DAS International believes in delivering a high quality of service to our clients, both in our Assessments and Specialist services. 


Feedback from past clients have been very positive and we strive to continue this high level of quality service.



Feedback Questions Rating
1. How well did we listen to your concerns about your child? 96.6%
2. How efficient were we in receiving your referral, arranging apointments, completing reports and arranging feedback and any other outcomes? 88.3%
3. Were the conclusions we reach and any recomendations made appropriate, sensible and useful?


4, Did the feedback you received (via a meeting and a draft report) help answer the questions you came with? 98.3%
5. Was the final report you received helpful? 98.3%




Dear Sir/Madam,

My son was helped and taught at DAS for a period of almost two years and was fortunate enough to have Miss Gladys as his teacher.
We were recommended DAS at Chinatown as my son was having problems pronouncing certain words and as a result it was effecting his spelling at school.
Miss Gladys over the course of his time at DAS considerably helped our son.
She formed a great relationship with him over his time there.
When we decided that she had helped him overcome his difficultly and finished his courses and we stopped the lessons and he was very sad as were we.
We highly recommend Miss Gladys .

Best regards

Parents of a student in the Specialist Tutoring programme




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